Programmes and accessories of Biomag® devices

Editor: | 11. June 2019

Biomag devices are accessorised with a varying number of outputs, and these have varying power output. Each model has a different number of inbuilt programmes, which target various health conditions.

BIOMAG devices until 1999
The software used in BIOMAG devices has always been developed along with new knowledge of the effects of treatment using a low-frequency pulse magnetic field. There are various types of them, covering the whole scale of low frequencies. Devices in the BIOMAG range have been produced in the Czech Republic since 1989, and the various types (BIOMAG 89, BIOMAG 9201, BIOMAG MINI, BIOMAG DUO, BIOMAG QUATTRO, and BIOMAG FAMILY) have become an important part of medical care in spas, rehabilitation centres and other healthcare institutions.

New BIOMAG range
BIOMAG LUNA, BIOMAG LAGUNA and BIOMAG LITUS devices use new, even more advanced technologies. These are state-of-the-art and easily portable devices, equipped with sophisticated and efficient applicators. As a whole, units are intended for application of pulse magnetic fields with a low frequency within the range of 1 to 81 Hz, affecting the human body in a positive way via rehabilitation and stimulation of the immune system. New BIOMAG devices use tried and tested programmes and frequency ranges. In addition to this, by means of new technical solutions, the shape of the pulse has been improved, especially with regards to the leading and the falling edge, important parameters for a positive effect. The programmes are divided in two groups – those for rehabilitation and special programmes.

All devices in the new BIOMAG range are equipped with microprocessors and information displays as well as being fully automatic. It is very easy to operate the devices. All function states, including failures, are signalled. Some states are also accompanied with audio signals. The devices generate pulses of only one polarity. Therefore, you can determine the north and the south polarity of the applicators. You can select time intervals and output performance. There are two output points. The high output performance guarantees sufficient induction of the magnetic field on the applicators. The BIOMAG LUNA device (usually with one output point for the applicators) is not manufactured anymore and has been replaced by a new, double-output device.

The Biomag® Laguna device is one of the most used of all devices. It is equipped with two outputs for the applicators. As for the REHAB type, there are 15 programmes within the range of 1 to 25 Hz; as regards the SPECIAL type, intended especially for professional centres, there are 21 programmes within the frequency range of 1 to 81 Hz. This design concept has proven to be most suitable for the purposes of various applications of the pulse magnetic field. In addition to this, you can select time intervals for the particular applications as well as  the intensity of the magnetic field. The TEST button allows you to test all of the device’s functions before you start application.

The Biomag® Litus device offers up to 4 outputs and some extra memory and performance functions, including a high level of comfort and easy operation.

All devices in the new Biomag® range were designed as portable magnetotherapeutic devices, to allow treatment not only in rehabilitation and in outpatient facilities, but individual application at home as well.