Pulse profiles, intensity of the LPMF and frequency wobbling

Editor: | 11. June 2019

Frequency is an important parameter in pulse magnetotherapy, along with pulse profiles and frequency wobbling. If the device allows for it, advanced users can adjust and control these parameters.

If you choose INDIVIDUAL mode, you work with various frequencies, intensity and various pulse profiles. The sharp profile of the pulse (needle, triangle) acts in a stimulating way, while the other profiles (rounded, rectangular) act to counter pain or result in relief from spasms. It is good to know that wobbling of the frequency in 3-minute sequences induces a continuous effect, while wobbling pulse after pulse stimulates the body better.

In these instructions, it is recommended that you use the programme frequency range from 1 to 25 Hz. Frequencies beyond 25 Hz (intended for special applications) are used with specific types of afflictions, e.g. burns, fractures whose healing process is not progressing, and pseudoarthrosis. Along with this, we would like to recommend that if local soreness is caused by a problem located somewhere else, the magnetic field should be applied via two applicators – at both locations at the same time.

Individual effects and use of magnetotherapy should be planned and evaluated according to the particular condition and reaction of each patient. In the event of an unexpected reaction, stop application immediately! It is recommended that you continue the therapy after examination by a specialised physician, following the instructions and procedures prescribed.

If magnetotherapy is included in medical treatment of orthopaedic or similar problems, it can be expected that some people will temporarily show slightly increased sensitivity. This is the so-called spa syndrome, frequently resulting in a significantly improved condition of the patient. If this is the case, it is recommended that you do not interrupt application. However, you should lower the intensity of application for approximately 2-5 days.

Pulse profiles, intensity of the LPMF and frequency wobbling – your questions

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