Arthrosis of the knee and its healing with pulsed magnetic therapy

Editor: | 10. December 2018

Arthrosis of the knee and its healing with pulsed magnetic therapy in the test group of 40 patients. The therapy was tested under strict conditions of a randomized double-blind study once each patient had undergone corrective osteotomy of the tibial bone.

Before initiating the therapy, a total of 40 patients had undergone the tibial osteotomy, as mentioned, which is a surgical operation whereby a bone is either shortened, extended or aligned.

For the purpose of the study, these patients were divided into two groups – active and control. Four independent orthopedic surgeons unaware of the experimental conditions were then asked to evaluate the radiographs taken 60 days after the operation and to determine the degree of healing in each patient. Cases were classified into 4 categories where the fourth one represented the most successful healing.

In the control group, there were 73.6patients included in categories 1 and 2while in the active group which underwent pulsed magnetic therapy, there were 72.2% of patients included in the 3rd and 4th category (most successful healing).

The results of the homogeneous group of patients therefore confirm that pulsed magnetic therapy has very positive healing effect on tibial osteotomy patients with arthrosis of the knee.

Reference: Mammi, G. I. et al. (1993) The electrical stimulation of tibial osteotomies: Double-blind study. Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research. (288), 246–253.

The Electrical stimulation of Tibial Osteotomies

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