Inflammation of the urinary bladder or acute cystitis is manifested by pain in the lower abdomen with the urge to urinate, and elevated body temperature. The pain aggravates at the beginning and at the end of urination. Sometimes, the occurrence of blood in the urine is reported.

Inflammation of the urinary bladder is caused by weakening of the body, exhaustion or hypothermia. After the management of acute inflammation of the urinary bladder, additional care is required to prevent recurrences, such as rest, adequate fluid intake, support of immune functions, prevention of cold, and so on.

In inflammation of the urinary bladder, Biomag low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy is used in combination with other targeted treatments, including antibiotics.

Read the results of the following clinical study that demonstrate the success rate of low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy in treatment of this condition.

Clinical studies by diagnosis:

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