Healing process in periodontitis

Editor: | 10. December 2018

The research team of A. Haghnegahdar (2014) attempted to trigger healing process in periodontitis animal model with low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy. They developed their own device with a pair of Helmholtz coils.

These coils generated homogeneous pulsed magnetic field between themselves when activated. In comparison with the control group, the results confirmed that pulsed electromagnetic fields have a stimulating physiological effect on both cells and tissues.

I přes jednoduchý závěr této studie je její dúležitost vysoká. Potvrzuje totiž jasně, že pulzní magnetoterapie je díky svým hojivým účinkům vhodná i pro léčbu paradentózy.

Despite the simple conclusion of this study, its importance is high. It clearly confirms that pulsed magnetic therapy is suitable for treatment of periodontitis thanks to its healing effects.

Reference: Haghnegahdar, A. et al. (2014) Design and fabrication of helmholtz coils to study the effects of pulsed electromagnetic fields on the healing process in periodontitis: preliminary animal results. Journal Of Biomedical Physics & Engineering. 4 (3), 83–90.

Design and Fabrication of Helmholtz Coils to Study the Effects of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields on the Healing Process in Periodontitis: Preliminary Animal Results


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