Principle of Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)

Editor: | 25. July 2019

The term pulse magnetic therapy is most commonly used for physiotherapy using the principle of electromagnetic pulses. The terms electromagnetic therapy and magnetic induction therapy are also used. The abbreviation PEMF is used in order to be concise. The basic principle of this therapy is the generation of electromagnetic pulses.

The generated pulses penetrate through layers of clothing and even body tissues to the place of application. These pulses have specially developed biotropic parameters (e.g. frequency, profiles, intensity), thanks to which the pulse magnetotherapy affects various health conditions.

What are the effects, outcomes, and features of this method? How to achieve best possible results? You can find out about this and various other pieces of information on this website. You can also learn how to choose quality magnetic therapy devices, and what to read before use.

Basic effects - principle

The effects of pulse magnetic therapy can be divided into several basic groups. These effects are key to how efficient the treatment is.
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Effects of magnetic therapy

Magnetotherapy works on a variety of health issues. It is applied to various parts of the human body, and several medical specialties utilise it.
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Number of applications

It is necessary to undergo a minimal number of pulse magnetotherapy applications on a regular basis in order to achieve expected results.
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Devices for magnetic therapy

Devices using pulse magnetic therapy on the market have various parameters, and therefore the spectrum of their effect varies.
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Additional information – organized into specific topics

Among this additional information, there is a description of recommended applicators and device accessories. Other important pieces of information are safety recommendations and contraindications of magnetic therapy. You can read about the options for the set-up of parameters of electromagnetic pulses. Also, you can find an article on the history of this method and a recommended reading list of specialized literature.

Programmes and accessories of Biomag devices

Biomag devices are accessorised with a varying number of outputs, and these have varying power output. Each model has a different number of inbuilt programmes, which target various health conditions.

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How to select and use applicators

There are three basic types of applicators: solenoids, flat, and local. These types have an effect that goes deep, on large areas, or locally. Very important types are those with COMBI applicators with 3D technology.

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Table of effects

Devices used for pulse magnetic therapy generate various therapeutic frequencies. The table of effects provides an overview of therapeutic effects based on frequency.

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Pulse profiles, intensity and frequency wobbling

Frequency is an important parameter in pulse magnetotherapy, along with pulse profiles and frequency wobbling. If the device allows for it, advanced users can adjust and control these parameters.

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Polarity and pulse frequency

Every electromagnetic field has either north or south polarity. Electromagnetic pulses are generated in various frequencies. These and other parameters decide whether the effect will be relaxing or stimulating

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The magnetic field of the Earth

Planet Earth generates a magnetic field. Every living organism reacts to this magnetic field. The magnetosphere also protects the surface of the planet from cosmic radiation.

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Harmfully strong magnetic fields

A magnetic field that is too strong can not only be risky, but even damaging. It is uncommon to encounter such a strong magnetic field – however, there are situations and places which should be avoided.

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There is long history to pulse magnetotherapy. This recognized method came to existence from a wide spectrum of both experimental and practical methods, which have achieved varying results.

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Recommended literature - Worldwide

To get more information about pulse magnetotherapy and magnetic fields, you can use this list of recommended world literature, in addition to the Czech list.

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Recommended literature - Czech

There is also a list of Czech recommended literature about pulse magnetotherapy and the magnetic field as a source of more information.

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Price of magnetotherapy

It is quite complex to choose the right therapy, device, and applicator. Contact our specialist adviser and they will help you with your choice.

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