Supportive treatment of shoulders

Editor: | 10. December 2018

Supportive treatment of shoulders with pulsed magnetic therapy was tested on a group of 66 patients who had all undergone surgery of torn rotator cuff due to excessive overloading of the shoulder joint. The results of this three-year study were published in 2015 (Osti et al.).

Pulsed magnetic therapy was selected for postoperative treatment due to its known healing effects. The aim was to alleviate local inflammation and postoperative swelling of joints, reduce time of recovery, and most importantly provide relief from pain.

A total of 32 patients received this six-week therapy with 8-hour application per day. The remaining 34 patients served as the control group. Efficacy of treatment was assessed after 3 months and eventually after 2 years.

Results of this study confirmed anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect of pulsed magnetic field.

Pulsed magnetic therapy thus relieves postoperative pain and shoulder stiffness and significantly contributes to the rehabilitation of overloaded muscles in the shoulder area as well as to recovery from shoulder joint related injuries and associated inflammation.

Reference: Osti, L. et al. (2015) Pulsed electromagnetic fields after rotator cuff repair: a randomized, controlled study. Orthopedics. [Online] 38 (3), e223–e228.

Pulsed electromagnetic fields after rotator cuff repair: a randomized, controlled study

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